Before 8 months one client came to me, he was looking to get a good growth in his job, he was working in sales sector, he was responsible for Sales of a Region, he was working in the same sector from last 11 years, accumulated very good experience, good selling skills, good information about market, market potential, about people who are involved into business, not only that but grown in his career very well. Grown from Front sales to Regional manager.

But somewhat he started facing some problem with growth since last 2 years, he was having a feeling that his career is stagnated and could not visualize a future.

“I don’t know what is going to happen in future, I am totally blank” – He was telling me.

This is where he was worried and come to me for Income Multiplier Coaching.

“Ashish I have a lot of things to do in my life, I want to have a great lifestyle, want to have great wealth, but missing somewhere could you please help me? “ – He asked,

He joined our 3months Income Multiplier Mentoring program this program dedicated you to realize your own potential, work on same and create a fortune for self.

During this process, we come to know,

Existing company where he was working with a very good company, he was in the same organization for more than 3 years.

Was working in the same field for 11 years.

He had grown more than average in his career and now want to go for higher growth.

He was having a good name in the market, good contacts at Client as well as distributor level.

So the question was what was the hurdle?

During this mentoring program in first 2 sessions we work on Mindset towards Growth, Money, and Success, There we could found that he was having some limiting beliefs about Growth,

For him, growth means staying away from family as it involves traveling, Touring.

Growth means not taking care of your health and then face a lot of health issues.

Want to give more time to family, was having guilt in his mind that I am not available for my children and thus not a good father.

But he wants to be a good father and husband.

There is a learning process how we adopt different types of concepts and beliefs, which unknowingly guide our life, it may be empowering or Limiting, If you want to do but could not do means that you have some limiting beliefs in mind.

Because of this beliefs you may have opportunities in front of you but you are not ready to take them and as you are not focused on that you could not recognise it, you may feel or realise that people who are not that capable as you are also getting good growth but you could not, same had happened in this case.

We had a family counseling session related to his career and what could be the best choice, we worked out a formula which everyone is happy with, we could take a commitment from his family to support him in his career decisions.


His work becomes focused, confusion has gone down, he started working with a clear objective in his mind, Performance gone up.

Surprise to him he got additional responsibility in company with 20% salary hike, after 2 months from his salary hike during his visit he met CEO of one big company in his field and got an offer to work with them the offer was at a good position with good company at 40% rise in salary.

This is what he was looking for, Now he is charged, motivated and family is also happy as they were getting what they want.

This is a result of setting objective and aligning mind to it.

I wish him a Rich and Happy life.