Ashish Bhave’s Academy of Wealth Pvt. Ltd, Pune is on a mission to make people Rich n Happy at the same time since 2015.

We are active in Training, Coaching, and Mentoring. When you change your mindset towards money, you can become rich n happy.

Income multiplier basic and advanced workshops, for personal mentoring to coming out the financial problems we have developed “Income Multiplier Mentoring Workshops”

Our Android app “Rich n Happy” is available in Play store. Following mention courses are available in three languages in this app at a nominal price because our mission is to reach maximum people and make them rich n happy.

Money mindset for life success, Goal setting, How to use your subconscious mind to achieve anything you want. Investment does and don’ts these courses are available and many more courses will come in this year.

We also have planned 1-3 days workshops like Income Multiplier workshops, Date with Wealth in coming months. These workshops we will conduct all over Maharashtra and rest of India in coming months.

To learn about investment and enjoy the financial freedom through playing game we had launched a new innovative game “Financial Freedom Game”

We are also publishing books of Mr. Ashish Bhave on money mindset.