Ashish Bhave

Founder and CEO 


Mr.Ashish Bhave is working in Finance sector since 2000.He is working in Life Insurance, Mutual fund, and Financial Planning.

He started his carrier as a financial planner since 2011 in Pune. While doing this he has done many activities of investment awareness programs like “Arthshikshan Abhiyan”, Investment Awareness programs in various companies and various societies.

He had done personal counseling around twenty thousand people and while doing this he was thinking that there are two ways of earning money one is investing in yourself and increase your earning capacity and another is investing your earned money to get more.

And he was thinking that everybody is earning as per his capacity and people needs guidance to manage their money.

But in reality, he realizes that people don’t know exactly what they want in life and also don’t know how to earn money. After realizing this he started the study of human mind and mindset.

He completed various courses like  International Life Coach, Practitioner NLP, Mindset coach, Certified wealth coach, Certified wealth coach and trainer and he does his specialization in Money and mindset.

Now he guides people how to earn money and how to manage it and how to distribute it. For this he guides through training and coaching, mentoring.

His vision is to make maximum people rich n happy at the same time and for this, he has started his company “Ashish Bhave’s Academy of Wealth Pvt Ltd”.

Moto of this company is to make people realize their own capacity and earn money and become rich n happy. Now he is active as a Money and Life freedom coach.

He believes that universal power or God has a gifted lot of potential to earn money in every person and also given one specific skill to earn money but due to some reasons people are not aware of that.

He helps people to know that skill and earn money to live life financially free.