Rich And Happy greetings,

Eagle fly high for prey. Identifying prey and creating a strategy for accomplishment of kill are strengths of eagle.
Once the prey is identified, he has a full focus on same and accept no distraction.
In this process Eagle uses it’s flying and clear vision skills.
Result the success rate.

Learning :
Goal setting increases rate of success.
Once the Goal is defined go all out for goal.
Identify your strengths and skills to set goal for you.
Once the Goal is defined, have a full focus on Goal and accept no distraction and live a life for same.
Identification of strength, skills,Setting a Goal, Building strategy, focusing of goal are pillars of successful life.

Believe in self, set a goal, positive thoughts for goal, pursue goal for accomplishment.

Keep learning and move ahead.

Be positive act positive.

Be Rich, Be Happy !

— Ashish Bhave,
International Money and Life Freedom Coach.


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