To setup Money and life coaching practice in India CWC™ provide a best platform.

There is a great demand in the market for reliable, educated, knowledgeable, trusted Life and
Financial coach.

I would like to show you some statistics behind,

Have a look at Life and financial management requirement in India.
India’s population is 125cr. If you consider the a family of 4, which is a concept of nuclear family structure , 2 adults and 2 children,  then In India there are appox. 30 crore families.

India’s big population is below poverty line so we can consider them in 70% population of India. So the remaining percentage is 30% but lest’s assume that it is less to that as well and Out of 30 crore families there are approximate appox. 20% are families who are having good family income. Having income means they have to deploy their earned money in different pockets like, Expenses, savings, investments, aspirations, assets etc. if there is no proper knowledge about what to do with the funds then they may face lot of challenges.

Family Income is growing and leads to problem of what to do with earned money or over spending, as there are lot of options available mainly for life style spending, with majority of cases it results in overspending and ignoring future requirements.
Individuals search in internet to get free answer or consult some one who do not charge any thing for advice (knowing that, there is no free lunches in the world), on top of that, the markets are flooded with information, which makes difficult to take decisions, leads to confusion. Most of the decisions taken in confusion are not good decisions.

Families are facing lot of challenges at Money and life level Which ultimately results in to high Stress level.
and unfortunately there is no one who can guide in both important aspects, Money and Life.

But now we have a solution on that a knowledgeable, trusted, reliable, certified option is available as Certified Wealth Coach™ and Certified Wealth Coach and Trainer™.

Fees :

1st year : INR 50,000 + S.T.  (For CFP certificants : INR 35,000 + S.T.).

This is a yearly renewable Training, coaching and mentoring career.

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