Rich and Happy greetings friends,
We are happy to announce that we are starting “Mission 100 times in 2019″ a mission to help 100 businesses to grow in 2019.

As you know we are Money and Life freedom coach, we help you to set right mindset for business growth.

1 forum will have 15 business people with interest to grow.
Will meet every 15 days.
Every session will have new mindset aspect for growth.
Time : 8 am to 10 am followed by Breakfast, till 11 am if have any queries.
Venue : Ashish Bhave’s academy of wealth, Navi Peth, Pune.
Energy exchange : each meeting Rs 500.

Everything happens twice in this first in mind and then in reality, if you can grow at mind that would be your reality

Session flow : Concept — Concept utilization in your business — blueprint creation — action plan creation.

The first session had started already.
(Registration will be end before 2-3 days,  No spot booking).

The points of work would be :
🔸Defining Objective for year 2019,
🔸Aligning Mind to Objective,
🔸Strategy for achievement of objective,
🔸Acquiring required qualities,
🔸Small stapes to achieve big results.
🔸Plan creation for year 2019,
🔸Creating success at mind level,
🔸Projection of possible challanges,
🔸Plans to overcome challenges,
🔸Working on mind for the desired reaults,
🔸Enjoying growth with freedom,
🔸Stress free growth.
And much more…..

Pay Rs 500 to following account and inform us we will reserve your seat.

Ashish Bhaves academy of wealth Pvt. Ltd.(OPC).
Current Account 50200010943565.
Bank : HDFC.
IFS code : HDFC0000794.

Interested connect at 8862079292 for more info.

I need your help friends, please share this in your group and help me in mission 100 times 2019