Money thoughts are important when you want to become RICH & HAPPY.

This question is faced by many individuals in this world.

I come across so many people who are desperate to make more money, either to make their ends meet or to satisfy their needs or because they wish to live a better and more luxurious life.

Some people are struggling to fulfill the responsibilities and liabilities that they shoulder. Some are trying to fulfill their aspirations. Some may wish to improve their standard of living. Whatever their motivations may be, they are all struggling and striving hard. It’s an uphill task for all of them to try and make their income effectively satisfy their expenses. They continue to fight on and continue to chase their elusive goals. But the life they dream and wish for seems out of reach. This is true more so for the middle class which continues to be in the same financial and economic class, generation after generation. And here Money thoughts makes a difference.

Why ?

Why does this happen, especially in a world which is so rich? What stops and prevents them from being able to earn more money?

Solution, You need to possess the right mindset towards money, have to have empowering Money thoughts. You need to have an open and welcoming attitude towards money. When you are open for something, whether it be love or friendship or relationship or even money, does it come into your life. Then what stops you from having this open mind?

It is your belief system and your ideology regarding money that determine your ability to keep an open mind towards money which in turn will let money flow into your life. Your outlook towards money has been imbibed by you year after year, generation after generation. Such thought patterns and ideas are what keep you poor. You always have the option of saying no to the way you think. You have the choice to break these patterns. By changing the way you think about money, by changing your belief system about money you can empower yourself to earn more money. It means that you have to first unlearn your old beliefs and learn new ones.

How learning happens :

Where do you get your ideas and beliefs from? There are different ways in which you learn something.

You are born with some knowledge and ability, which is called Intuitive learning.

You learn something that is taught to you. This teaching happens through words and is imparted to you by your parents, family, teachers, friends and other people you come in contact with.

The last way in which you learn is through experience. You either learn through your own experience or you learn from watching others go through an experience. The learning is directly proportional to the intensity of the experience. Major an event, the deeper is its impact on you and consequently the more long-lasting is the learning derived from it. If you have lost bigger amount money while trading in shares, you may never venture into that mode of investment ever again. Now when this kind of learning gets embedded in you, it becomes your belief system and you start to mould your actions and decisions in accordance to that ideology. Since most of this is now a part of your sub-conscious, which controls 95% of your actions and thoughts, you are a slave to a pattern of thinking and behavior that has been determined by years and generations of learning. You are thus, a sum total of all the sub-conscious ideas, beliefs and learning that have occurred in the past. Your sub-conscious is governing all your actions – actions which are not letting you earn more money.

Learning is a continuous, never ending and inevitable process over which you have no control. But what you wish to learn is definitely your choice. That is how you continue to grow and evolve every single day. So if you wish to change the situation you are in today and you wish to have a better and richer life, then you need to change your belief system and break the old patterns. If you wish for a better life for yourself it is all completely possible.

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