RAT RACE is a race of life where you are struggling to cope up not alone but with your family behind you

Struggling to meet your expenses, savings, and investments!
Honestly, you are living life in financial insecurity;
Financial uncertainty;

Ashish Bhave’s Academy of Wealth is working on making people Rich and Happy, in the right way.
But becoming Rich and Happy demands to rise above this Rat Race.

This session will help you to be aware of this lethal commotion and solution on same.
Many people believe that RAT RACE is a way of life. But good news, where there is a will there is a way.
We’ve got the way..we hope you have the will.

Ashish Bhave’s academy of wealth kindly presents…
*Rat Race Freedom- Foundation*

Topics :
What is Rat Race?
Am I trapped in Rat Race?
The exit to rat race?
How to convert yourself from being a Rat Racer to a Financial Free Human! Get aware of Money management strategies for freedom?
The technique to take control of your expenses!
Why don’t you have enough savings after years of working?
How to live with debt in freedom?
And much more……….

Take a step forward and start your journey towards Financial Freedom

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*Rat Race Freedom – Foundation.*

* Bonus: Free Quick Financial plan to every participant.*

Program facilitator :

Ashish Bhave is an International Money and Life Freedom Coach with a mission to make people Rich and Happy.
Since 2000 he is in financial planning, investment management Ashish well-known financial planning coach, trainer, and mentor.