What is RICH ?

Rich and Happy greetings,
What is Rich ?
What is meaning of Rich ?
There are many thoughts on this, many people attempt describe RICH as a abbreviation and give meaning of it.
There are articles written on, mainly these are written to give meaning to RICH other than real meaning of Money.
Why this attempt is made ?
As mindset coach I know how mind works, This attempt clearly shows that people want to become RICH but fail because of their limiting beliefs about money and attempt to glorify their failures.
If you are happy reading such articles or long forms then you may be poor and have limiting beliefs about money in mind,
Like Money is all evil, earning money is bad, wealthy people accumulate money doing wrong things and many more.
Come out of limiting beliefs about money, adopt empowering beliefs and Free self to realize the real and true meaning of being RICH.
RICH has only one meaning – Having lot of money with you.

Earn Money in right way (Yes Possible).
Grow Money in right way.
And Use it in right way.

Be positive, Act Positive

Be Rich, Be Happy !

— Ashish Bhave,
International Money and Life Freedom Coach.



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